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10 winter thermal baths with your children

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It starts through autumnal days, that desire for staying where it’s warm, soaking in the water of a pool at a comfortable temperature with the children splashing around while you enjoy that little relaxation you’ve been needing so much. It’s all about winter thermal baths, which are perfect for families with children, for a relaxing break in various areas of Europe.

Experiencing winter thermal baths with your children in Europe

Aquardens, thermal baths in Verona

The first thermal baths we would like to tell you about are close to Verona and to the Garda Lake, and they’re situated exactly in Pescantina, in the Policella Valley. There lies a modern facility with various pools inside and outside; naturally you will also find an area for children, and family-oriented services are available. During the week they offer a family ticket which costs 70 euro for two adults and two children under 14, and it is valid for a whole day; during the weekend the cost raises to 85 euro. Thermal water, caves where you can relax, many additional services such as sauna and massages. The facility is open all through the year and you have the possibility to access the external heated pools as you like. For your stay in the area there is Hotel Valpolicella International with rooms for families, free car park, Wi-Fi, and it’s also convenient if you want to go to Gardaland.


Exterior of the Aquardens thermal baths in Verona

Acquaworld: a spa in Concorezzo near Milan

It is one of the most popular waterparks in North Italy, even too popular during the weekends according to what some people say, but the closeness of Milan makes it a super desirable destination during the Saturdays and Sundays of winter. We have to specify that this is a waterpark and not thermal baths with particular beneficial waters, but taking into account the presence of saunas, steam rooms, hydromassages and emotional caves, then the term spa does really fit, according to our everyday vocabulary. Many chutes for children (there’s even a mini world just for them) and kids, a huge covered area where you can regenerate and have fun, the river where you can let yourself go with the flow and the large pool with waves, in addition to a couple of external pools. On weekdays the admission for 4 hours is 17 euro for adults and 12 euro for children up to 14 years of age; the place is quite crowded during the weekends. If you come from afar, in Concorezzo you can stay at Euro Hotel Residence, which is mainly chosen by families due to its closeness to the waterpark.


Acquaworld, the covered waterpark close to Milan

Viterbo and the Thermal Baths of the Popes

Here the focus shifts to the northern area of Lazio, with its thermal baths situated in Viterbo, a magic town well-known also for the Machine of St Rose. We are now talking about the Thermal Baths of the Popes, a facility with a pool measuring 2,000 square metres fed by the water coming from the spring called Bullicame. You can lower yourself in the steaming waters even in winter at the cost of 8 euro for children and 12 euro for adults, which raises to 18 euro during the weekends. Remember to bring your suit, slippers and bathrobe; I’ve seen a few really cute on I recommend an exceptional holiday farm near Viterbo where you can stay with your children; it is located in a true and extraordinary renovated medieval abbey; we were dumbfounded when we discovered it! Winter thermal baths and culture in Tuscania.



The large pool and the hydromassage at the Thermal Baths of the Popes in Viterbo

The thermal baths in Bibione between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

Surely Bibione is more known for its large summer beach rather than its winter spa but it has a nice facility on the seashore, including spa, large covered and open-air thermal pools equipped with hydromassage, water games for children and adults, Turkish bath, herbal baths, sauna, solarium. An interesting alternative for a weekend or a break from work. At a short distance there are nice flats for families at Torre Argonavis in Lignano Sabbiadoro. If you have time you may also want to go to Lignano Pineta – we love it – or to Brussa, which is not far, and it’s an extraordinary beach, entirely natural without beach umbrellas.

The thermal spas of Erding in Bavaria, the largest in the world

We’re in Erding, just a bit more than 30 km far from Munich in Bavaria, and here lies the largest thermal bath and spa complex in the world with an incredible variety of attraction for all tastes, children and families included! Perfect for a thermal experience or for a short holiday. Incredibly funny chutes, huge pools, sliding coverings which open and close depending on the weather, letting the sun’s rays in when they’re needed and shutting the Bavarian winter out. A place to be experienced for one or more days. You can stay in a flat at Victory Gästehaus at a lower cost than that of the internal hotel. You can easily reach Munich from Italy with Air Dolomiti.

Erding therme

Swimming pools at Erding therme

Thermal baths in Villach, Austria

It is one of our favourite places, situated very close to the border between Italy and Austria, just outside the town of Villach. It’s the Kärnten Therme in Warmbad Villach. Pools inside and outside with heated water, chutes, a crazy river where you can go along on large inflatable donuts, that’s really amusing, and then there are chutes with special effects, family services even for the youngest, and also a course for becoming little mermaids, just for little girls; we think that our little one would go crazy if we proposed it to her. You can stay at the hotel that is directly connected with the facility, which includes a mini club, and spend a couple of days of true family relaxation. Besides Villach you can also visit the gorgeous Klagenfurt, in addition to experiencing the winter thermal baths.

Catez and the Slovenian Green Karst

We are almost at the border of Croatia but still in Slovenia. This region is called Green Karst, and as we pass through these areas we immediately realize why. Tucked away into nature, this thermal complex has a very large covered area called Riviera Invernale (Winter Riviera) in addition to an external area which is closed in winter. Chutes, large pools, and an area completely for children with a big pirate galleon in the middle, a paradise for the very young. And also a pool with waves where you can try to surf an artificial wave, that’s an attraction for kids of any age! Hotel Terme is the recommended facility in this area, close to the thermal complex. It’s also the place where we organised our event in February; would you like to take a look? We have to remember to bring our bathrobes and slippers, getting them online as we are always short of time 🙂

Ptuj in the northeast of Slovenia

We are still in Slovenia but this time in the northeast of the country, to discover other winter thermal baths. In this area we find one of the most characteristic and historic towns: Ptuj, an historic centre that is nice for having walks and has a Roman history in its past. In this lovely place that is worth a visit for its nature, its castle and the outdoor activities you can practice, lies the Grand Hotel Primus with a large internal thermal pool (one also with games for children) and one on the outside. It includes also large hydromassage pools and waterfalls for the entire family.

Tropical sea, white sand beach and palms. You are not in the Caribbean and not in the middle of the Indian Ocean either; you are in Berlin, just a few dozens of kilometres away from the German capital, but the scenery might easily deceive you. In a big hangar, one of those for the largest planes, they have created a gigantic waterpark with chutes, pools, waterfalls, and all is designed to convey the idea of a tropical holiday even here, in the cold winter climate of Eastern Germany. You can even sleep there in the bungalow-style houses or in the rooms of the facility; the prices aren’t really cheap but the experience is definitely one of a kind, and there’s even an internal balloon so that you can enjoy the spectacle with a bird’s eye view.

tropical island berlin

The hangar housing Tropical Island outside Berlin

The red thermal baths of the Azores

We’ve just been in the Azores recently and we are enthusiastic about it. They’re islands of volcanic origin and Sao Miguel highlights this particular origin with its various calderas that are still active, in addition to its springs of hot thermal water. There are several around the island, from the park Terra Nostra with a very large pool of red thermal water, rich in iron, to the heated pools of Dona Beija, always in Furnas. An extraordinary location is that of the Velha spring in Sao Miguel, a few natural pools very close to a caldera and surrounded by an exceptional green scenery dominated by a waterfall. It is possible to access that place also with your children and all through the year as winter thermal baths, though in winter it is perhaps better not to stay long in the water. For our stay in Sao Miguel we have stopped at Comfort Inn in the centre of Ponta Delgada. It also has an arcade for children in the common areas of the hotel.

The incredible thermal baths in Bucharest

On recommendation of one of our followers we have also discovered these marvelous thermal baths situated in Bucharest. Three different areas, including one that recreates a large winter garden with palms all over the place and one just for the amusement of families, with many huge colourful chutes. Low-cost admission, just a bit more than 10 euro for adults and 7 euro for children in the Galaxy area, which is that equipped with chutes, and it’s open to children from 3 to 16, while the other areas are open to children up to 3 years of age, accompanied by parents. You can find more details on the website of the thermal baths of Bucharest, and for your overnight stay with your children you can definitely rely on their hotel. In the east Europe Prague is a nice destination as well, we loved it, a must in the top Europe destinations.



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