Author: Giulia

Prague with baby

Prague with a baby

From Trieste to Prague by car is quite a long journey, with a baby of only three months almost an adventure. All the journey in highway, via Lubiana, Graz, Vienna (with its endless by-pass) and Brno, all of which takes about 8 hours if nothing unexpected happens. But something always crops up, one in particulare, snow in the border between Austria and Czech Republic- Brno. The result? Almost two hours of delay on the predicted time, half an hour of tension due to the cautious driving and we arrive in Prague almost at midnight. Our little boy has been very good; he slept and gobbled up milk, played with rattles and other things, so for him the road passed by quickly. Having arrived to our hotel just outside the city, Hotel Nabucco, not bad, chosen partly for the affordable price, and because equipped with reserved internal parking. Something that is never to take for granted in a large city. We fix ourselves up in our hotel room and straight after we go eat something close …