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Camping Village in Caorle

Caorle old city center

If we had to say that we have a second home, we would surely be referring to this place. We have been there so many times, but camping in Caorle is something we still had to try. During our visits we have got to know all of its facets, from the naturalistic aspects that can be found in the lagoon or in the Brussa beach – where you can discover the historic big houses of the fishermen, entirely made with reeds – to the more mundane aspect belonging to the historic centre, where culture and tradition mix with shopping and with the desire for good food.

In Caorle, over the last years, we have known fantastic people who took us by the hand and led us to discover the pearls of their own place. We go back there at least once a year, it is one of those places to be loved, where every time is like the first time, also because there is always something new to discover, some new experiences that will live on through beautiful memories. And so, this year, Caorle ravished us once again, and we lived a long weekend through comfort, amusement and new friends, camping at Villaggio San Francesco, in one of the mobile homes of Adria Holiday.

Caorle San Francesco Village

Our mobile home Miami 2 in Caorle San Francesco Village

Camping in Caorle: Villaggio San Francesco (St Francis Village)

The mobile homes of Adria Holiday are all situated within Villaggio San Francesco, in Duna Verde. This large village is very well-organized, capable of fulfilling the demands of every family. In fact, it offers all of the services that guests may need, such as a supermarket, shops, restaurants, bars and ice-cream shops, and even a pharmacy selling OTC products.

Various parks with pools and chutes characterize the areas meant for having fun and relaxing. From the large water park to the pools in front of the beach, you can just take your pick and you can even try a new one every day. Children and kids immediately shoot off happily as soon as they see the chutes, and we the parents can just please them and have a few slides in company to then relax on the sunbeds at the poolside.

Another candy of this campsite in Caorle is the sandy beach. (like the camping we visited in France) From the village you have direct access to the golden sandy beach of Duna Verde. The sea depth increases gradually, therefore children can safely have fun playing on the shoreline and taking little dives into the water. There are also animations with mini clubs and various activities such as playing on the beach, theatrical performances and general entertainment, but nothing is compulsory.

In the evening the campsite comes alive in the area of the inflatable games, in the arena or maybe with activities such as a hand-decorated pottery workshop, in which we had the chance to take part. It’s hard to put kids to bed, however, a nice evening without having to go out of the campsite is guaranteed.

The mobile homes of Adria Holiday at the campsite in Caorle

The first thing that impressed us as soon as we got to the village was the kindness with which we were received by the staff of Adria Holiday. A quick check-in through which they explained to us the simples rules of the village, a few details concerning the use of mobile homes and also the check-out methods. All quite simple and quick; by following the golf buggy of Adria Holiday we reached our little home with the keys already in our hands.

kids room mobile home

Inside our little Adria Holiday home: kids room

On the outside it was a little gem with a beautiful terrace full of flowers. On the inside it was well-lit, regular, clean and comfortable; these are the first adjectives coming to my mind as I think of that accommodation. Our Adria Holiday mobile home was a Miami 2, with 2 rooms; a double room with bathroom and a room with three bunk beds for the kids. A wide living area with sofa and TV (a rare commodity for those who know how camping village life is, and very convenient should you ever come across a day of rain), a kitchenette with fridge-freezer, microwave oven, cooking top and sink, and a second complete bathroom – and we know how much a family needs such a comfort – equipped with a hairdryer too. Sheets, blankets, towels, tableware and hairdryer can be found inside the little house, you only have to bring your personal belongings and the wish to enjoy yourself, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about the latter. Air conditioning is there too, super convenient during the hot days of summer.

bells tower Caorle

Around Caorle the city bells tower

The mobile homes of Adria Holiday form a circle with a large garden in the middle, so that children can play in the central area encircled by the various homes and maybe make friends with other vacationers. Our kids, sharing that space with other children, after a few hours had already struck up a friendship with the children of the family who stayed in the home next to ours. What could we say…the holiday got off on the right foot from the very beginning!

We really made good use of the large terrace where we had breakfast in the morning and had supper too, among many laughters, some little naps in the open air and a few pages of holiday homework, which was more agreeable to do thanks to such a pleasing location.

pool camping Caorle

The pool at San Francesco Village

A luxury camping experience

I could just summarize the experience in that mobile home of Adria Holiday with the word luxury, not so much because we are fond of this type of holiday, rather because we had the opportunity to live with all comforts, which perhaps we were not expecting, even while staying at a campsite in Caorle. We felt cuddled and we really had a good time!

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