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Prague with a baby

Prague with baby

From Trieste to Prague by car is quite a long journey, with a baby of only three months almost an adventure. All the journey in highway, via Lubiana, Graz, Vienna (with its endless by-pass) and Brno, all of which takes about 8 hours if nothing unexpected happens. But something always crops up, one in particulare, snow in the border between Austria and Czech Republic- Brno. The result? Almost two hours of delay on the predicted time, half an hour of tension due to the cautious driving and we arrive in Prague almost at midnight.

Our little boy has been very good; he slept and gobbled up milk, played with rattles and other things, so for him the road passed by quickly.

Having arrived to our hotel just outside the city, Hotel Nabucco, not bad, chosen partly for the affordable price, and because equipped with reserved internal parking. Something that is never to take for granted in a large city. We fix ourselves up in our hotel room and straight after we go eat something close by. Without understanding much in the menu, all of which is in Czech, but very hungry, we order something and then straight to bed, us and our little one. All of us are dead tired from the trip (having survived from the blind choice out of the menu).

baby in prague

Our baby in Prague

The following morning the visit in the city awaits us. Autumn in central Europe is not really mild, and Prague has welcomed us with strong cold winds and some rain. After having padded the little one and packed with pouch, we make our way towards the city centre with one of the many busses. We leave the car in the parking area, to avoid traffic and possible fines.

The first place we visit is square San Venceslao, a large open space that takes us to the old city. The panorama is beautiful, the cold weather a bit less. Behind us is the museum of natural history, Narodni Muzeum. In such instances, the warmth of a closed place is a real blessing! At a modest cost, we spend an hour among the halls seeing minerals, skeletons and stuffed animals. Mum is happy for the warm place, dad for the fossils. The little one sleeps for most of the visit after a long snack.

At the museum’s exit the cold air is still present, the rain is not. So we go down to the historical centre. The aligned buildings down the Venceslao Square give us some beautiful memories. For example the building with lift with no doors, where one has to just pop in, or else a bronze statue of a knight on his hourse.

We visit the city centre among alleys and wonderful buildings, heritage of the UNESCO. The clock tower seems to have come out of a fairy-tale and we wait for the clock to strike the hour. The clock striking reminds us that it is lunch time and so we decide to go into KFC for the first time, and find out how spicy fried chicken can be.

baby in prague

In Prague with our baby

Another walk in the city centre and decide to return to the hotel. Our little one is hungry and decides to communicate it to all the passengers on the bus taking us back to the hotel. The level of protest convinces us to get off the bus and give him some milk.

The following day we are getting used to the environment, but we leave the pouch in the hotel and turn back to the pushchair, which we put in the car boot. Daddy’s legs and back thank the baby pushchair.

The second day reserves the visit to the castle on a hilltop. Everything is so exciting, towers and laces, even for our baby who is travelling in pushchair today. We are really fascinated by the change of guards at the gates of the presidential palace and the trio of Czech musicians who welcome tourists. We then proceed down the bridge of saint Karl, crossing the district of Mala Strana. Before night we manage to see the “dancing house” on the river and have a coffee in the bar close by.

We visit some shops selling homemade articles in the city centre, but the little one is very tired, and so are we. Tomorrow our trip back home is awaiting us, and so we make our way back to the hotel. The following day, after breakfast, we pack our things and the little one and decide to change destination. We return home via Salzburg, so we stop here to eat something and have a quick visit around the city.

The road back home is more pleasant than the way going, no snow and no difficulties. Salzburg is a beautiful and welcoming city. We easily find (paid) parking in the city centre, allowing us to go for a short walk. We relax a bit, eat something and off we go.

Prague has left beautiful memories, even that of our first trip with our baby boy, before the sister arrived. This city is such a charming one and the wish to return is very strong, via plane though. Definitely less tiring than using the car for a city break!

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