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Camping Park Umag: the extraordinary simplicity of Istria

If there’s one thing I particularly like about this region of Croatia it is its surprising simplicity. You have the beauty of the coast, the charm of the inland, which consists of roads running through vineyards and olive groves on a red soil, low stone walls and rural buildings meant for the animals. You are not going to expect extraordinary things from Istria, because such simplicity, which they’ve been able to preserve over time, is already extraordinary. We discovered this piece of Croatia while staying in one of the best campsites in the area: Park Umag in Novigrad, whose Italian name is Cittanova before traveling to Caorle. Park Umag: a campsite by the sea Call it campsite or call it village, this large facility is one of the most beautiful of the Istrian coast. It has plenty of space, therefore you will never feel like there is a crowd, which can happen when you are in smaller campsites, especially during high season. It develops on a slight slope that extends to the sea along a …