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Caorle old city center

Camping Village in Caorle

If we had to say that we have a second home, we would surely be referring to this place. We have been there so many times, but camping in Caorle is something we still had to try. During our visits we have got to know all of its facets, from the naturalistic aspects that can be found in the lagoon or in the Brussa beach – where you can discover the historic big houses of the fishermen, entirely made with reeds – to the more mundane aspect belonging to the historic centre, where culture and tradition mix with shopping and with the desire for good food. In Caorle, over the last years, we have known fantastic people who took us by the hand and led us to discover the pearls of their own place. We go back there at least once a year, it is one of those places to be loved, where every time is like the first time, also because there is always something new to discover, some new experiences that will live …