Who we are, an adventure called life

Traveling is part of life, and it is perhaps something ancestral, related to the nomadism of primitive people, who were compelled to move in order to be able to live on. Something has remained into the DNA, at least into ours. We are a couple with two children, we love to travel and we do it together with our kids. Our son learned to walk on the lawn of St James Park in London, while our little daughter turned her first somersaults below the walls of Dunnottar Castle, in Scotland. We love to collect emotions and memories, and we’ve been doing that for 11 years.

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Our family

This is the English version of bambiniconlavaligia.com, our first family blog and the first Italian family blog in terms of number of visits and social media presence.

You can travel with children and kids, sometimes it’s not easy, but with a bit of courage and good organization you can do it. This website aims to become a collection of experiences, ours but also yours, so as to build a manual together, a manual that we have called semiserious, which will allow even the more uncertain to leave for a journey together with their children. The life experience that you will acquire will compensate for the little troubles you will have to cope with, and once you’re back you will be already looking forward to leaving again.

Explore. Dream. Discover. Together

Main characters of allfamilyholidays.com

Giulia: untamed dreamer, introvert, sincere (maybe too much), former educator now traveler and travel blogger by choice, web content manager, travel designer

Fabio: dreamer (maybe too much), former designer now blogger, photographer, web content manager, travel designer

Our daughter is combative, extrovert, independent (maybe too much), sweet and stubborn, desperately in love with horses, she wants to become Rapunzel when she grows up, Pink addict

Our son is determined, introvert, sensitive, he loves history and science in addition to pirates and cowboys, PS4 addict

Athos: our dog, we took him at the dog pound so we don’t exactly know his age; it’s an extrovert working spaniel

You too, because without the people who follow us every day none of this would exist.

Contact us at info@allfamilyholidays.com. We offer our services for the promotion of companies, facilities, localities, and for designing travels. If you need more details just ask for our media kit.